What is the Price of Life?

The New York City Price of Life Invitational: What is the Price of Life?

The New York City Price of Life Invitational is a city-wide, campus-based, faith-inspired campaign addressing human trafficking in all its forms, spearheaded by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and a diverse coalition of 75+ organizations.


The Price of Life seeks to bring together campus and student leaders with business leaders, professionals, churches, scholars, and local and international non-profits to educate and mobilize the community to fight modern day slavery.

Key Concepts

The Price of Life Invitational is student-led, focusing on 10+ campuses across NYC.  We are building diverse city-wide partnerships, both sacred & secular, in the common cause of fighting human trafficking. While combating modern slavery, we are also connecting spirituality and justice, helping people explore what God might have to do with injustice and how faith could empower the search for justice

How are we fighting human trafficking?

Human Trafficking is the scourge of our age. Most people want to do something about it, including many clubs and departments on campus. The Price of Life NYC provides opportunities to do that something.

The Price of Life NYC will:

1. Raise Awareness - People are increasingly aware of human trafficking, especially child sex slavery overseas. But many people are not aware that it happens right here in New York City. We will talk about human trafficking around the corner and around the word. We also will be raising awareness about labor trafficking which is actually larger than sex trafficking, if lesser-known.<

2. Raise Funds - The Price of Life will raise $150,000 from students to fight trafficking. The funds will go to Restore NYC – a safehouse for women who have been trafficked to New York City; Nomi Network, which works with survivors and at-risk people in social entrepreneurship ventures; and a network headed by World Vision and the International Justice Mission providing holistic care in Cambodia. Learn more about our philanthropic partners.

3. Provide opportunities for volunteering to fight trafficking - As part of the city-wide finale, we will host a slave free expo featuring organizations fighting human trafficking and companies that keep their supply chains slave free. Students will have the opportunity to connect with these organizations and find out how they can volunteer. We will also recruit students to fight trafficking at Super Bowl 48, taking place in New York City just 4 months after the Price of Life NYC.

4. Move the Conversation about Human Trafficking Forward - We will engage human trafficking from a variety of perspectives in an attempt to advance the conversation. Pillar events are being planned around business and commerce, fashion, economics, politics and policy, law, education, entertainment, and medicine. Bringing leaders in these field together with students provides cutting edge thought and facilitates each area’s response to human trafficking.

5. Develop Resources – The Price of Life will develop resources that can be used to fight human trafficking going forward. We are commissioning interactive art installations. We are creating an abolitionist soundtrack. We are holding an arts competition, a business competition to cultivate new ideas to fight trafficking, and a five minute film festival to educate and motivate people to fight trafficking.

6. Providing Access to Thoughtful Political Engagement – While the Price of Life NYC does not endorse any law or policy, we do provide access to organizations like World Vision and the International Justice Mission who can give guidance in how to support the fight against human trafficking politically.

7. Provide Opportunities to Change Our Consumer Habits and Create a More Slave-Free Economy – The Price of Life is developing the LoGOFF program to help educate people about how their buying and consumption habits make a difference in the fight against slavery. This will include a smart phone app to help people shop more slave free.

What is LOGOFF?

Kudos to our friends Courtney Wong, Jonathan Walton (of the New York City Urban Project, our sister project) and Jason Popis for this fantastic work. It not only introduces you to the problem of human trafficking – but shares what you can do about it, all in three minutes. Please share widely!.

Who is Price of Life Supporting?

What percent of all safehouses in the Northeast US for international survivors of sex trafficking are run by Restore NYC?
Answer: All of them. Restore NYC operates the only safehouses for women from overseas who are trafficked into the US for sexual slavery. These safehouses, in NY and NJ, are crucial, because it’s nearly impossible to provide any other services that empower a woman to escape her circumstances without the safe haven of a place to call home.

What is the name of the coalition World Vision is part of in Cambodia to prevent, rescue, and restore child trafficking?
Answer: Chab Dai Coalition. Chab Dai is Khmer for “join hands.” World Vision joins hands with other organizations operating to prevent, rescue and restore in Cambodia, because coalition creates more collaboration for advocacy, and enables organizations to support one another more effectively.

NYC students will raise _____ to fight human trafficking with Price of Life, benefiting __________?
Answer: $150,000; Restore NYC, Nomi Network, and World Vision. October 2013 we’ll raise $150,000 together to support these organizations’ amazing work, including through sales of Exposing Darkness, Price of Life merchandise, text to give, and other fundraisers and donations. Thanks to YOUR WORK (NYC students, we’re talking to you!) these organizations will be able to expand their programs and serve more vulnerable people. WOW! Go team!

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