How can you help fight modern day slavery through the Price of Life?

How can you connect? Glad you asked!

The Price of Life: New York City has a radical mission: Transform students into world-changers. Proclaim truth and hope to New York City college campuses. Make a significant difference in fighting human trafficking. Expose problems in the world that is, and move thousands of students to shape the world that should be.

To succeed, we need passionate and talented people — people like you! Join us in NYC for the biggest student outreach the city has ever seen!

Fight Human Trafficking Around the Corner + Around the World

Almost everyone who learns about human trafficking is appalled – and wants to know how they can help.

You want to know what you can do now, and how you can plan to stay active going forward. You don’t want to get excited for one week in October 2013, only to forget about justice in November.

You want to know how to invite your friends to be involved, what action steps to incorporate as you plan Price of Life events. You want a community seeking justice together. You want people to leave your event with momentum to act.

You want to take action in a way that reflects your unique personality. If you’re an artist, you want to create. If you’re a lawyer, you want to advocate and analyze. If you’re a teacher, you want to educate. We all have something special to give.

Here are some suggestions.

Some of these ideas are so quick, you can do them right now. Others merely get the conversation going. And this is just the beginning. If something sparks your interest but you don’t know how to get started, or if you have ideas we should add here, connect with us and let’s see what we can build together!

Do something with the Price of Life
  • Read about how the Price of Life is fighting human trafficking and how you can get involved.

  • Fill out his quick survey to get plugged in today.

  • Check out the Price of Life blog for information & inspiration.

  • Join a working group.

Do something today:
  • Help a friend learn about human trafficking with this video, and invite them to get involved with the Price of Life.

  • Buy your values – LoGOFF and buy from companies that are slave free, local, organic, green, fair trade, and slave free; especially those made by former slaves as they recover and recreate. Click through for a list to get you started!

  • Donate to organizations supporting trafficking survivors and engaged in prevention.

Take some time:
  • Organize or contribute to a drive to collect items needed by survivors: clothes, new underwear, toiletries, books, toys.

  • Research and educate about companies that have good and bad business practices.

  • Ask companies to change their business practices / show their supply chain is slave free.

  • Volunteer/intern with organizations helping victims.

  • Mentor a trafficking survivor.

  • Participate in prevention: mentor youth; advocate for policies that create more opportunity and stability for the poor, foster children, and other marginalized populations.

  • Advocate for good laws that protect victims, prosecute pimps and johns, allocate resources to fighting trafficking and aftercare, and promote good labor practices and fair immigration opportunities.

Use your skills:
  • Teach classes for survivors as part of after-care.

  • Participate in NYCUP.

  • Volunteer in a professional capacity.

  • Make art that communicates the facts of trafficking / stories of individual people or helps change the terms of the conversation.

  • Seek work that allows you to remain active in fighting trafficking

Business Plan Competition

Do you have an innovative idea? Put your creativity and your sharp business mind into action to fight human trafficking; the modern-day form of slavery. APPLY NOW.

The Price of Life Business Plan Competition allows you to explore business solutions to diverse humanitarian problems that result from the forceful abuse of human beings for labor or sex purposes. Finalists will pitch their ideas to the experts in our PitchFest, and the winners will get prize money totalling up to $10,000.

What do you need to enter? A team of at least 2 people (students or fresh grads in the Tri-State area) + an idea about how human trafficking could be addressed in any field + 800 words outlining that idea.  You do not need a full business plan. You do not need to have all the answers. 

Enter in 3 simple steps: form a team, pick an idea, describe your idea:

First: Form a Team

Second: Choose and Refine Your Idea

 A successful business idea:

Third: Submit an Executive Summary

In less than 800 words, briefly tell us about your idea by following the instructions in the application form. NOTE THAT ONLY SUCCESSFUL SUMMARIES WILL MOVE TO PHASE 2 OF THE COMPETITION). APPLY NOW.

Summaries will be filtered based on the points listed below. 15 teams will be selected to move to Phase 2, where they will be guided to create complete business plans and eventually present their business ideas to investors and experts at our PitchFest. **All applicants moving to Phase 2 & entering the Pitch Fest must agree to Price of Life Pitch Fest official rules and guidelines, to be published before or with finalist notifications.**

Summaries will be evaluated based on:

Need more details?


How can your church grow in community and service while making an impact to share Jesus with NYC college students and set captives free?

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