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Listen (FREE!) to Exposing Darkness

The soundtrack for your modern abolitionist journey.
Featuring 16 original tracks to expose darkness and inspire change.

ED Cover
Album produced by a team of dedicated volunteers.
Songs donated by diverse artists who believe in using their talent to create beauty and truth.
Project funded by your generosity in our spring 2013 Indiegogo campaign.
Participants listed below.

Music Made by YOU to Fund Freedom - All proceeds fight human trafficking through Restore NYC, Nomi Network, and World Vision.

Hear the music & get your immediate download now.

Want the real thing? Good call.
The gorgeous physical album comes with a full color booklet about the project
and how you can take next steps to fight human trafficking.
Online store coming soon; place your request for a physical album.


Album Artists

Andy Mineo  Janie Chu  Jonny Rodgers
Andy Mineo                     Janie Chu                        Jonny Rodgers


Joshua Stamper  Bridget Kibbey  PW Gopal
Joshua Stamper                  Bridget Kibbey                PW Gopal


Ian McGlynn  Ben + Vesper  Marian Call
Ian McGlynn                    Ben+Vesper                  Marian Call


Isaac Gill & Megan Perry  Sex + Money Film
Isaac Gill and Megan Perry, of Sex + Money Film


Heather Evans  Sons of Solomon  Phoebe Lyng
Heather Evans                Sons of Solomon           Phoebe Lyng


Courtney Wong  Josh Schicker  Pamela Rose Rodriguez
Courtney Wong           Josh Schicker           Pamela Rose Rodriguez

Exposing Darkness Team Members

Janie Chu – leader
Claudia Isacc
Jamie Chang
John Mosloskie
Justin Wassel
Sheeba Joseph

Indiegogo Donors

You donated over $3000 toward production costs for the album through our Exposing Darkness Indiegogo Campaign. THANK YOU for pitching in to fund freedom!
Claudia Isaac
Lacy James
Selina Hom
Alexander Weinrauch
Josh Jacoby
Yenmin Young
Funmilayo Oludaiye
Eric Lam Kenyon
Joanne Cheung
Emily Bodden
Nicholas Kwan
Alicia Ramsay
Azikiwe Calhoun
Helen Keller
Jeffrey Meyers
Spark and Echo Arts
Symphony Chau
Taniel Chan
Larry Seadore
Sara Hunninghake
Sue Harsevoort
Gary Liou
Ashley Witherspoon
Grace Nicolette
Sue Harsevoort
Jeannie Rose Field

Ingrid Chin
Mackenzie Yee
The Rays
Erin Yang
Stephanie Batson
Nathan & Nan Harris
Kathryn Schoon-Tanis
Betty Jones
Russell Nelson
Janelle Williams
Jonathan Yee
Sarah Chung
Solee Cheung
Molly Field
Lidia N. Torre and Jaime R. Castañer
David Ruark
Bailee Nicole
Ned A Sanderson Jr
Kathleen Murphy
Paul & Lisa Michalski
Valorie Burton
Kathleen Lewis
Elisabeth Louie
Kevin Chao
Connie Anderson