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3 Easy Ways to Fund Freedom:

1. GIVE: Donate online
2. PLEDGE: Text FREEDOM to 41444 to make a pledge
3. RAISE: Set your own Fund Freedom goal & fundraise with My Price of Life

All giving methods are secure and tax-deductible. Text pledges will not be added to your phone bill.

Here’s what you accomplish when you fund freedom with the Price of Life Humanitas Fund:


My funds can teach her to support herself.

$25 trains a woman in Nomi Network’s sewing program for one month.
$50 provides transportation and food for one trainee for three months.
$100 empowers a woman with a sewing machine of her own.

$50,000 expands Nomi Network’s program to train 20 new women, supporting approximately 60 children.

Nomi NetworkCreating economic opportunities for women at risk and survivors of human trafficking


My funds can send her to school.

$45 educates a child trafficking survivor in World Vision’s protection project for one month.
$60 provides a child trafficking survivor with restorative art and recreational therapy.
$130 furnishes a child trafficking survivor with a comprehensive medical check-up and blood test.

$65,000 fully funds the save haven housing and counseling for one of World Vision’s partnering shelters

World Vision Child Protection: Our vision for every child, life in all its fullness. Our prayer for every heart, the will to make it so.


My funds can provide a safe place for her to sleep.

$100 nourishes an international survivor of sex trafficking in Restore NYC’s safehouse for a month.
$250 provides a survivor legal advocacy and court assistance for a month.
$500 moves a survivor closer to healing with 8 counseling sessions.

$100,000 fully funds the first and only safehouse in New Jersey for a year.

Restore NYC:
For every survivor, the promise of a new life. For our nation, the end of modern-day slavery.


About the Price of Life Humanitas Fund

Humanitas means humanity, kindness, philanthropy. We hold to the simple truth that that if any are slaves, none are free – we are all humanity. We will use our freedom to stand for the freedom of others.
Mission: The Price of Life Humanitas Fund unites students and their allies to fund critical front-lines work of fighting human trafficking around the world and around the corner.
Goal: Collectively, the 17 Price of Life:NYC campuses aim to raise $150,000 to donate to Nomi Network, World Vision, and Restore NYC.

A Holistic Solution

An injustice as complicated as human trafficking requires a holistic solution. That’s why all Humanitas donations will support 3 exceptional organizations addressing human trafficking all along the spectrum:
World Vision educates survivors and communities, working to prevent human trafficking.
Restore NYC supports survivors of sex trafficking, providing a safe haven for recovery.
Nomi Network empowers survivors and women at risk, teaching skills and self-sufficiency.
Read more about these inspiring organizations. 

A United Solution

An injustice as vast as human trafficking requires a united solution. That’s why Humanitas is uniting students from 17 local colleges to fund freedom together. We can’t all build a safehouse or raid a brothel. But we can tweet. We can text. We can tell our friends and families. We can make small sacrifices.
A single donation – even a big one – doesn’t create a movement. But thousands of us working together — sharing with our social networks, spreading the word to friends and families, giving what we have — sparks an unstoppable chain reaction.
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A Funded Solution

An injustice as lucrative as human trafficking requires a funded solution. And that’s why Humanitas exists. Funding the work of Nomi Network, World Vision, and Restore NYC funds dignity, hope, restoration. Funding this work funds freedom.
Donate online or text FREEDOM to 41444 to make a pledge

Create your OWN fund freedom goal with a My Price of Life page. You can use this sample email to invite friends to participate.

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